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Zhenghan Play excels in providing top-quality playground equipment. Quality, in this context, refers to executing tasks correctly, with the right equipment in the right place. Furthermore, prioritizing safety is essential for the success of any business. Ensuring that high-end playground equipment meets international safety standards is crucial.

ZhenghanPlay constructs its equipment using high-quality materials and adheres to precise component specifications. This commitment ensures not only compliance with safety standards but surpasses them. Meticulous attention to detail enhances the overall play experience and contributes to an extended product lifespan. To guarantee utmost safety and quality, we engage third-party testing labs approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to conduct various tests.

WHat sets us apart in terms of quality?

At first glance, playground equipment from various manufacturers may appear similar. However, upon closer inspection, significant differences in quality become evident. The following examples highlight the contrasting quality between ZhenghanPlay and inferior playgrounds produced by other companies.

1.Indoor playground quality differences.

While most indoor playground equipment may appear similar, there can be significant differences in quality among various manufacturers. ZhenghanPlay sets itself apart by utilizing the highest standard materials and adhering to a stringent manufacturing process. We exclusively offer indoor playground that are not only well-designed but also ensure safety and durability.

(1).Steel pipes

Not all steel pipes possess inherent strength. ZhenghanPlay employs a thickness range of 2.0 mm to 3.25 mm for their steel pipes. These specifications are clearly outlined in the sales contract, providing customers with the opportunity to verify the quality of our equipment.

ZhenghanPlay ensures the durability of their steel pipes by subjecting them to a hot-dip galvanization process. This involves immersing the entire pipe in a bath of molten zinc, providing comprehensive protection against rust. In contrast, some companies opt for cheaper alternatives like "electroplated coatings," which do not constitute genuine galvanized steel. Pipes treated with such methods are more susceptible to rusting.


ZhenghanPlay crafts its own molds for clamps, utilizing galvanized steel with a powder coating to prevent rusting. The quality of our clamps can be tested using a heavy hammer, allowing you to discern the distinctions between ZhenghanPlay and other companies that produce low-quality clamps.


ZhenghanPlay platforms are constructed with a sturdy wooden base, boasting a thickness of 20 mm and adhering to the GB6675-2003 standard. Furthermore, they are enveloped in a layer of 50 mm foam. In contrast, platforms from other manufacturers may have a thickness of only around 30 mm.

The ZhenghanPlay platforms are meticulously encased in EPE foam and sponge, all covered with PVC tarpaulin. This design ensures that the platforms are not only soft but also sufficiently safe.

(4).Foam Pipe cover

Not all foam noodles are durable and fire-resistant. ZhenghanPlay offers foam noodles made with high-density EPE material and glossy bright PVC vinyl. The PVC vinyl is UV-resistant, ensuring durability and strength even in sunlight. ZhenghanPlay's foam noodles meet ASTM standards for fire resistance.

2.Quality difference in trampoline park

(1) Galvanized steel frames with powder coating
At Zhenghan Playground, we take pride in exceeding the highest manufacturing standards in the world. Our trampoline frames are made from 80mm x 80mm tubes with a thickness of 4mm. For added durability and safety, we use Dutch Akzo powder in our sandblasting process, creating colors that are more adhesive and long-lasting. We also offer a wide range of colors to choose from, thanks to our state-of-the-art powder coating machines.

(2) Springs
The essence of a Trampoline Park is the quality of the bounce. Not only do the springs have to be made from the best quality steel but also they must be the right length to match the trampoline park. Zhenghan Playground Springs is made of piano wire. Non-deformability and tensile elongation are 5 times better than manganese steel.

(3) Trampoline pads
Zhenghan Playground uses trapezoidal soft pads made of 0.45-0.55mm PVC skin with 120 N.M. tension and eco-friendly EPE, ensuring user safety. The pads have a thickness of 70mm.

(4) Jumping mat
The quality of the bounce on a trampoline is greatly affected by the type of mat used. We provide two options - the affordable black tarp mats and the high-end woven string mats used by professionals. Our jumping mats come in compliance with ASTM standards and are imported from the USA. Specifically, Zhenghan Playground jumping mats are of top-notch quality.

3.Quality difference in ninja warrior course

(1)Truss Frame
Our truss frames are made of high-quality aluminum, which is much lighter and more elastic than steel truss frames. Steel truss frames are too heavy to be easily installed.

Clamps are an essential part of the ninja course, just like the springs of a trampoline park. There are two types of clamps: swivel clamps, which connect the truss structure with cross bars, and eye bolt clamps, which connect the cross bars with obstacles.
The Zhenghan Playground clamps have passed the TUV test and can bear a load of 500 KGS..

The playground equipment at Zhenghan Playground is now fitted with coated chains for added safety. Initially, we used regular chains like other suppliers. However, upon conducting a test installation, we discovered that the uncoated chains could easily cause injuries to children's fingers. As a result, we have made the necessary changes to ensure that our playground equipment is safe and secure for children to use.

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Zhenghan Playground can provide you with the best value for your indoor playground. Contact our dedicated representatives to find customized playground equipment that exceeds your expectations.


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