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Custom Indoor Playground Equipment

Zhenghan Play is a professional manufacturer that provide designs, manufactures, and installs indoor playground equipment with turnkey solution service. Our playground equipments are complied with the related safety standards such as ASTM in USA, EN in Europe, CSA in Canada, AS in Australia and NZS in New Zealand in the industry with “Best factory”.

Is this your first time buying a playground?

If this is your first time deciding to start an indoor playground business, explore with Zhenghan Play.We welcome you to your comprehensive guide for first-time buyers.We provide vital insights—budgets, materials, ROI,supplier partnerships,free design, production, shipping and installation.So you can better plan your budget. Start your indoor playground journey today. Please click the jump button to learn more!

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Hot selling Themed Indoor Playground Equipment

Zhenghan Play offers different indoor playground equipment themes. Whether you're looking to create an exciting new play space or just want to add in your exist facility, our themed indoor playground equipments are sure to please. Our Jungle,Ocean,Candy,Macaroon,Space,British,Industry,Dinosaur themed playgrounds are perfect for adding excitement and fun to any play area. With a variety of different attractions and activities available, kids will never get bored.

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Dealers in New York

Dealers in New York

Under the introduction of a friend, I began to understand the play of Zhenghan. They are very professional about all the details of the park. I had some problems in the beginning, but they always helped me solve problems. I sell their products in New York and am amazed every time I check their equipment. Because they get better and better. I believe that working with such a team will become better and better.

TOP American park brand

TOP American park brand

I met Tonny at a convention in Orlando.He listened very patiently to my ideas and gave me a design that I was very happy with.I appreciate that he took a lot of time to discuss the details of the park with me. The conversation, the quality, the installation, the transportation, everything is satisfactory.

Top chain parks in India

Top chain parks in India

In 2020, I started my plan for my first park. I contacted five indoor playground suppliers at first, but we finally chose ZhenghanPlay because of their thoughtful, patient and professional service. I gave them my location drawing and expressed my ideas, and they provided me with very attractive suggestions after checking. And together we created a fantasy indoor amusement park ...

safety standards

Zhenghan Play manufactures equipment that meets or exceeds all relevant safety standards, including EN1176,CE,EN71,EU Reach for Europe,ASTM F1918.CPSIA,UL94, NFPA701CSA-Z614 for Canada, AS3533 for Australia, NZS5828 for New Zealand and ISO for the world. This safety standard provides a comprehensive set of requirements for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of these types of playgrounds. To ensure a safe play environment for your children and the long-term operation of the park, be sure to only purchase equipment that meets these safety standards.


Why Choose Zhenghan

We believe that safety quality is to ensure safe play Zhenghan play,as a professional indoor and outdoor sports, adventure, playground and Park builder ,We focus on the turn-key solution for the indoor and outdoor amusement parks and provide complete park construction from design.

Design for amusement parks


We can bring your idea to life or choose from our extensive library of custom-designed plans created by our team of experts.

Installation of playground equipment


We can provide a variety of resources to make the installation process easier, including detailed instructions, reference videos, and photos. We also have professional overseas installers who can speak basic English to install your equipment directly.

turnkey indoor playground solution for Commercial amusement parks


Provides a turnkey indoor playground solution for your business, including furniture, art and crafts items, kiddie rides, inflatables, gifts, party supplies, etc.

Delivery of the indoor playground


Adhering to the business principle of mutual benefits, Zhenghan Play has established cooperation in 120 countries with over 5000 projects.

Manufacturer of Indoor Playground Equipment

Direct Manufacturer

We welcome you to a video call where we can showcase our company. As a manufacturer, the prices I provide you with will not go through a middleman.

After-Sale Service of Indoor Playground Equipment

After-Sale Service

Heart service is a commitment that every employee in our company must uphold. We believe that providing superior service can contribute to the enhanced development of the enterprise.


We are dedicated to creating lasting connections with our clients and ensuring your continued satisfaction. With the help of our comprehensive after-sales services, we can handle technical issues while you concentrate on providing your clients with an outstanding experience.


Overseas Installation and Setup Assistance provided by our experienced engineers who are fluent in English.


Self-Installation with detailed videos and drawings guided by our 24-hour after-sales service team.


Maintenance and replacement under warranty with lifetime support.


Safety Inspections and Compliance with ASTM and EN safety standards.

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

Commercial indoor soft playground is a fun and exciting place for children to play. Did you know that improper purchase of indoor playground equipment can lead to investment loss or even serious injuries? That's why it's important to be aware of the pitfalls about indoor playground equipment before buying. Here are some of the most common pitfalls for you to understand.

Reputable and reliable supplier to provide you turnkey solution service.

The purchase equipments are complied with all safety regulations.

Take design into consideration with plenty of different types of activies.

What types of materials are used to ensure the long lifetime?

Backup plan for installation. Make sure you hire someone with experience if you're not confident about doing it yourself!

Budget for ongoing maintenance costs. Be sure to choose the play equipment that will last for years to come.

Cleaning and sanitizing tips for your playground area.

All in all, choose the right indoor playground equipment manufacturer is of great importance to help you avoid common pitfalls.

Questions and Answers General FAQs

You may want to consider investing in commercial indoor playgrounds when you browse our websites, here we will provide you with the basic knowledge and FAQ about indoor playground equipment.

Q: Does Zhenghan Play include installation?

Zhenghan Play provides installation through our fully trained and insured teams. However, we acknowledge that some customers may prefer to use their own installation teams based on our detailed installation maps. Installation costs are calculated separately.

Q: Can you arrange shipping?

Yes, we can assist you in arranging shipping to your designated sea port or address. We offer a comprehensive one-stop shipping service.

Q: Is Zhenghan Play equipment safe? Do the products meet national standards?

Yes, without a doubt. Zhenghan Play equipment is designed for safety and is utilized worldwide. Our products strictly adhere to the quality standards of European and American markets. Raw materials are certified by ASTM and EN safety standards. If there are new standards in a particular country, it is the buyer's responsibility to inform the seller before making a purchase.

Q: What services does Zhenghan Play offer?

Zhenghan Play manufactures high-quality playground equipment compliant with ASTM and EN safety standards. Zhenghan Play boasts an exceptional sales team providing pre-sale and after-sales service 24/7. Zhenghan Play features a professional design team offering customized designs. Zhenghan Play includes an experienced installation team to assist with equipment installation. Choosing Zhenghan Play means choosing efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind."

commercial indoor playgrounds

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