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Ninja Warrior training equipment

Update time:2024.03.05



Project inside:Steps, Chess Door, Trapeze Bars, Sea of Poles with Balls, Arm Bicycle, Spider Jump, Salmon Ladder, Wingnut Swings, Wrapped Wall.


Manufacturer: Zhenghan Play


This specially crafted Ninja Warrior training equipment in shades of purple, orange, and black encapsulates the enigmatic and dynamic essence of the ninja, delivering an immersive experience that challenges agility, strength, and speed.

Ninja Warrior Training Equipment Plan:


Suspended Obstacle Course:


·Install ceiling beams and sturdy suspension ropes for children to tackle hanging obstacles.

·Attach handles at various heights on the ropes to promote hand strength and coordination.


Balance Beams and Benches:


·Place adjustable-height balance beams to enhance balance.

·Utilize short benches to create diverse height challenges, fostering core stability.


Wall Climbing Challenge:


·Install child-friendly wall climbing features, such as adjustable climbing panels, to stimulate overall strength and flexibility.

·Introduce movable handles to increase difficulty and create additional challenges.


Pipe Maze:


·Construct a ground-level maze structure using pipes to form tunnels and winding paths.

·Design mini-games within the maze to encourage children to think and problem-solve during challenges.


Hanging Ring Challenge:


·Mount hanging rings for children to learn swinging, jumping, and mid-air suspension.

·Design rings at various heights and distances to elevate the level of difficulty.


Wall Grips:


·Affix grips of different shapes and sizes to the wall, fostering upper body strength and hand flexibility.

·Create various arrangements of grips to add diversity to the challenges.


Flip Pads:


·Place soft pads for children to safely practice side flips and tumbling exercises.

·Introduce a variety of challenges around the pads to encourage children to attempt new skills.

Time Challenge Scoreboard:


·Install a scoreboard to record the time taken by children to complete each challenge.

·Establish a reward system to motivate children to improve their speed and skills.

Since its introduction, our Ninja Warrior training setup has enthralled the local community. At Zhenghan, we take great joy in providing an experience that not only cultivates strength and fitness but also bolsters mental resilience and social skills. For those contemplating the incorporation of Ninja obstacle courses into their venue, we extend a warm invitation to connect with us.


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