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Tips to Attract More Visitors to Your Indoor Play Centre

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1. Strengthening the First Impression

The first impression left on visitors is crucial for an Indoor Playground, as it determines whether they are willing to enter your Indoor Playground and begin their play experience. As a result, choosing the theme and equipment for the Indoor Playground requires significant thought.

Theme Selection

Indoor Playground can choose from a wide variety of themes, such as jungle, ocean, candy, macaroon, industry, space, ninja, and more. You can even customize a theme that has never been seen before, according to your preference. Of course, before choosing a playground theme, you should conduct through researches and consider which theme your target audience would prefer.

Equipment Selection

Once you have settled on a theme, you can then purchase equipment that is suitable for your chosen theme. For example, if you search for a jungle-themed Indoor Play Centre, you should consider buying corresponding elements such as plants decorations, animal figures, etc., to emphasize the theme of your Indoor Play Centre.

It's also critical to select equipment that is age-appropriate for the visitor of your indoor playground. Failing to do so might result in players losing interest due to the simplicity of the games or not being able to participate, or even getting injured, due to their difficulty. Younger children should have simpler and softer equipment, while older kids can handle more challenging play equipment.

Don’t forget to regularly update and upgrade your equipment. If the play equipment in the Indoor Playground remains the same for too long, it could become uninteresting for the visitors, significantly reducing the visitor retention rate. Regular updates and upgrades can ensure that your visitors are more likely to return.

2.Adding convenient facilities

Besides the basic play area, additional convenient facilities is a necessary supplement to enhance visitors' experience. For instance, having clean restrooms, waiting and rest areas, tables and chairs, trash bins, and other facilities can provide a more comfortable experience for your visitors. After all, when kids come to an Indoor Playground, they often spend several hours at a time. If you can't provide a comfortable environment for waiting parents, they might be less inclined to frequently bring their children to your playground.


Safety is a crucial issue that Indoor Playground owners must consider. So, how can safety be ensured within an Indoor Playground ? Here are some measures should be obeyed:

Establishing Indoor Playground Rules

Formulating rules for the Indoor Playground is essential. Adhering to these rules allows players to enjoy themselves in a safe and reliable environment, avoiding unnecessary chaos due to a lack of order. For example, clearly distinguishing between leisure areas and play areas, and prohibiting food and drinks in the certain areas. These items could spill on the floor or hide in corners, not only making them difficult to clean but also potentially causing hygiene and slipping hazards.

Ensuring Equipment Meets Safety Standards

Ensure that your play equipment meets indoor playground safety standards and is installed correctly under the guidance of professionals. Before opening, it is necessary to conduct inspections and tests on each piece of equipment.

Prominent Passage Signage

The entrances, exits, toilets, and rest areas of the Indoor Playground should be marked to handle emergencies efficiently.

Emergency Measures

Your team should have professional emergency knowledge to guide customers in the Indoor Playground during critical moments for an emergency evacuation. Additionally, the Indoor Playground should be equipped with professional emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers, gas masks, water pipes, etc.

4.Quality Service

Well-trained Professional Team

The service provides by an Indoor Playground is an aspect that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Your team members need to be sufficiently professional in their roles, understand how machines operate, know how to manage cashier duties, and guide the correct use of play equipment. These are all fundamental aspects of team training.

Friendly and Attentive Service

Often, poor service leads to visitors voicing their dissatisfaction online, which can significantly impact the reputation of your Indoor Play Centre and have serious negative consequences. Conversely, if your team provides friendly and attentive service, it can also create a positive promotional effect. Visitors might be more inclined to choose your Indoor Playground when deciding on a place to play.

5.Regular Promotional Events

Discount Days

Choose a dedicated day, like weekends or holidays, to offer discounted rates at your Indoor Playground. Utilize reduced ticket prices to stimulate spending and attract greater foot traffic to your establishment.

Loyalty Programs

To maintain your current customer base, establishing a loyalty program proves beneficial. Engage your existing customers in referring new ones. Upon new customers making purchases, extend rewards to the referring clients, such as discount vouchers, to enhance customer retention rates.


Establishing brand recognition is crucial in marketing. When individuals instantly connect your logo or name with your Indoor Playground, it signifies effective marketing. Marketing strategies encompass both online and offline approaches.

Online methods can include creating a website for your Indoor Playground, adding ticketing services, event reminders, holiday greetings, etc. You can also establish social media accounts to post videos of visitors playing in your Indoor Playground and daily work updates from your staff. Operating across multiple platforms can continuously expand your venue's recognition on the internet.

Offline methods include flyer, posters, etc., to promote your Indoor Playground through direct contact with visitors. If your Indoor Playground is in its early stages, consider hosting a grand opening ceremony, placing advertisements or news releases, and inviting local visitors to join the opening event.

7.Party Activities and Theme Days

Festive Theme Decorations

During significant holidays like Christmas and Halloween, numerous visitors schedule outings. You can capitalize on the appeal of these holidays by decorating your Indoor Playground accordingly. For instance, during Christmas, adorn the venue with Christmas trees, festive decorations, and have staff dressed as Santa Claus engage with children, crafting a memorable holiday experience for visitors.

8.Maintain Cleanliness and Maintenance

Maintaining cleanliness in an Indoor Playground is paramount due to visitors' hygiene concerns. The intricate structures within these centers can harbor dirt in hard-to-reach corners, deterring individuals from enjoying their time in an unclean environment. As the owner, prioritizing cleanliness is essential. Implementing regular cleaning and disinfection schedules for the entire premises, including floors, walls, and equipment surfaces, is crucial. Each piece of equipment may necessitate specific cleaning methods; for instance, a ball pit might require a specialized plastic ball-cleaning machine. When investing in an ocean ball pit, consider acquiring an ocean ball cleaning machine to streamline maintenance efforts.

The maintenance and regular inspection of the equipment should not be overlooked. A playground that is not regularly maintained may develop safety hazards. Be sure to schedule regular checks and maintenance, such as ensuring the stability of frame connections, checking for loose screws, inspecting for rust on metal materials, examining for damages on trampoline surfaces, etc. It's advisable to record each maintenance and inspection session in a checklist for easier organization and review later on.

9.Consulting experts

In addition to the points mentioned above, consulting an expert is paramount. Zhenghan Playground boasts extensive experience in the indoor playground equipment industry and possesses profound insights into attracting more customers. We not only specialize in constructing the Indoor Playground of your vision but also excel in enhancing existing Indoor Playground. With our expertise, your indoor playground business is bound to flourish.



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