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The Ultimate Guide to Your Indoor Playground Business Plan

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This is the complete manual for creating a business plan for your indoor amusement park.


 If you are a newbie in the indoor playground industry and are wanna start your indoor playground business plan but dont know how to start. Then why not start with the advice in this guide to provide you with a better foundation to enter the indoor playground industry? This guide introduces you to the indoor playground business plan from multiple dimensions and aims to provide a comprehensive content guide.




The Definition of Indoor Playground


What is an indoor playground? An indoor playground is a recreational space that provides recreation and entertainment for children, and its customizability and playability have made it increasingly popular in the entertainment industry. Children can have a fun and educational experience in an indoor playground and gradually build their knowledge of their surroundings while playing.


What Makes an Indoor Playground Business Plan Necessary?


Indoor playgrounds are a lucrative business. It satisfies children's play needs while allowing the business owner to return a profit. Additionally, for the business owner, its benefits include bringing in a steady customer base, ancillary revenue opportunities, increased employment opportunities, community building, and the ability to operate year-round.


Indoor Playground Industry Statistics


According to the data, the indoor playground market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.79% from 2021 to 2028 to reach USD 42.64 billion. This means that the indoor playground industry is growing at a rapid pace. Hence starting an indoor playground business plan is an up-and-coming option.



How Can Your Indoor Playground Business Plan Use Market Research?


After you decide to launch an indoor playground business plan, you can conduct market research to gather and examine data regarding your target market, clients, and rival businesses. Specifically, it can include the local consumption level and population density, relevant data about other indoor playgrounds in the neighborhood, and so on. It is beneficial for you to lay a good foundation for the stages that follow, such as choosing a location and determining the park's target audience.


Is Indoor Playground Profitable?


When it comes to indoor playground profits, it is indeed a crucial concern. The answer is positive indoor playgrounds are a profitable business. Research indicates that the indoor entertainment market reached $24.35 billion in 2020, with an expected annual growth rate of 10.3% through 2028. This signals a rising demand in the indoor playground market. Revenue primarily comes from tickets, merchandise, food and beverages, and advertising.


What general themes do indoor playgrounds have?


Generally, the most common themes for indoor playgrounds include forest, ocean, candy, pirate ship, macaron, circus, space, sports, and more. Each theme will differ in the main colors, style of attractions, and choice of stickers. For additional inspiration, you can refer to our Themed Playground Equipment. If you have other creative ideas, feel free to communicate with us. We offer professional customization services to turn your imaginative ideas into reality.



What Is Required to Begin Creating Your Indoor Playground Business Plan?


1. Find a Location


Choose areas with large passenger flow, convenient transportation, and a high density of children to ensure that your indoor playground can have enough audiences. This can be family entertainment centers, shopping centers, child care centers, restaurants, community centers, churchesfitness centers, etc. And of course, it's related to the cost of your venue.


2. Identify target customers


Who is the intended audience for your indoor playground? Smaller toddlers or kids who enjoy taking on new challenges? That's something you have to think about. The target audience of your indoor playground also determines the type of indoor playground equipment and indoor layout you need to buy.


3. Planning your budget


On average, costs range from $50,000 to $500,000. This depends on many factors, including your site costs, indoor playground equipment costs, transportation costs, installation costs, insurance costs, operating costs, and labor costs. You can refer to our budget list for specific figures:


4. Design Your Indoor Playground


This must begin after you have determined your exact venue. Send your site dimensions to the designer, who will plan the appropriate interior layout based on your actual site size. The design process involves choosing the overall style and theme of the indoor playground and selecting the right indoor playground attractionsmaterials used, and placement. You need to be involved in the design process so that the designer can better design the best solution according to your wishes.


5. Buy indoor playground equipment


What are the indoor playground attractions divided into? According to the function, the attractions of indoor playgrounds are usually divided into:


Play Structure: The most common type of indoor playground, consisting of frames. Contains steps, tunnels, some soft obstacles, etc. It is also the attraction with the most space for creativity. Numerous options exist based on your requirements and circumstances.




Slide: The Indoor Playground's most thrilling feature. It is also possible to modify the slide's style to fit the theme.


Ball Pit: Consists of a large number of plastic balls. They are often combined with a slide to make a more interesting attraction.




Climbing Structure: Curious children find it hard to resist the thrill of climbing. Children's coordination abilities can be greatly improved by using this attraction.




Soft Play Area: A play area more suitable for younger children. The facilities included are soft obstacles. Children can burrow around in a castle made of soft blocks.




The specific choice of attractions also needs to be adjusted according to the ages of your indoor playground audience, indoor playground layout, theme, cost, and other factors.


6. Obtain business licenses


To operate in a state, the majority of small enterprises simply require one or two licenses. However, since indoor playgrounds involve children, your business may require multiple state-specific licenses. To safeguard children from poor quality operations, licensing standards for firms that relate to children are frequently more specific and detailed.


7. Install the indoor playground


After starting your indoor playground business plan, it is very important to find a reliable supplier. You can either get the installation drawings from your equipment supplier and install it yourself, or the supplier can arrange for workers to come to your venue to install it. The latter might provide your indoor playground business with a great deal of convenience.


Get in touch with us if you're stumped about creating an indoor playground and don't know where to begin. Zhenghan Playground can provide you with a full range of services, such as design, manufacture, installation, and post-purchase assistance.




8. Recruit staff


An indoor playground can't afford to be without employees. Their jobs include charging at the entrance, instructing children alongside certain programs, cleaning and inspecting the indoor park regularly, and so on.


9. Marketing and Branding Your Indoor Playground


Everything is in place, but don't forget that you still need to market your indoor playground, customers won't automatically come just because you're sitting at home. Your indoor playground needs to be attractive and well-known enough to attract a steady stream of visitors. There are many ways to advertise, such as:


Design a logo for your indoor playground to make it more representative


Establish a website, regularly update indoor playground activities and promotions on the website, and set up a convenient online ticket purchase system


Establish social media accounts and publish content related to indoor playgrounds. It can be daily play, cleaning and maintenance videos, reminders of promotional activities, etc.


Online advertising marketing


Send flyers or post advertisements around the indoor playground to attract potential customers nearby.


How to Ensure Your Indoor Playgrounds Safety?


Your indoor playground business plan should take safety into account while designing. After all, your customers are children, and children are more likely to get hurt during play than adults with self-control. This requires:


1. Post safety tips and precautions in the park


2. Arrange staff to maintain order and ensure the safety of children


3. Routine inspection


4. Install the equipment under professional guidance


5. Emergency Preparedness


6. Ensure the use of age-appropriate equipment


7. Exit and entrance instructions


8. Buy amusement equipment that meets standards


Indoor Playground Rules and Regulations


In addition to the things that your indoor park does for itself. Don't forget to make player rules and regulations for your indoor playground, which will help the indoor playground stay alive for a long time.




1. Players are advised to wear appropriate clothing and avoid carrying sharp decorations


2. For health and safety reasons, please remove your shoes before entering the playing area. All participants are required to wear socks.


3. Please follow staff instructions to ensure the safe and proper use of playground equipment.


4. Some programs may have age or height restrictions. For everyone's safety, kindly abide by these limitations.


5. Restrictions on children's age and height


6. Maintain a distinction between play and recreation areas. Keep play areas clean and safe by prohibiting snacks and beverages.


7.No climbing on walls or nets in non-climbing areas


8. It is recommended that young children play with an adult watching over them to make sure they are safe and happy.


9. Please keep all toys in the designated play areas and do not take toys out of these areas.


10. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the indoor playground.


11. Please make sure your child does not have any illnesses that could infect other children.


Ways to Maintain Your Playground


1. Examine all play equipment frequently for indications of corrosion, deterioration, or loose parts.


2. Sanitize the indoor environment, play equipment, and toys regularly to maintain environmental hygiene. Deep clean play equipment that tends to harbor dirt, especially items such as ball pits, tunnels, and crawl spaces.


3. Repair and replace broken parts to avoid safety problems due to damaged parts


4. look out for edges of any equipment to avoid injury.


5. Keep the humidity and temperature in your indoor playground at ideal levels.


6. Record every cleaning and repair for easy verification later.


Ways to Improve Your Indoor Playground


1. Provide party services such as birthday parties to expand the business of involving customers in the indoor playground.


2. Add a café or snack bar to provide a space for customers to rest and increase revenue simultaneously.


3. Sell related theme peripherals to strengthen the brand memory of the indoor playground.


4. Holiday seasonal events to drive traffic


5. Referral program, old customers recommend new customers to spend, and can provide discounts and gifts. Increase customer retention rate while also attracting more new customers.


6. Appropriately add or adjust attractions and themes. Avoid a static environment leading to customer boredom.


7. Establish a customer feedback mechanism to improve the existing content of the park on time based on real customer feedback.






After reading this ultimate guide, you should already have an idea of how to start your indoor playground business plan. Processes include finding a location, identifying target consumers, planning a budget, designing the site and purchasing equipment, installing, recruiting staff, and advertising the indoor playground.


Are you still looking for a professional playground supplier? Contact us and let us provide you with professional one-on-one service to turn your indoor park dream into reality. Zhenghan Playground is committed to providing you with a full range of services, from consulting to design to production and installation, we will be your reliable partner. Through careful market research, a well-planned indoor layout, and selected play equipment, we help you refine your indoor playground business plan. Your indoor playground will become a happy place for children to grow up.


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